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Redevelopment of a former historic grocery store, this multi-million dollar development project will place a food hall in a resurging downtown area of a resort town along the shores of Lake Erie. The project will include a public piazza and patio to provide space for public art, entertainment, and indoor/outdoor dining. The business will include a mix of food stalls, a cocktail bar, and café. The chef-driven concept will place food entrepreneurs in an incubator-type setting, allowing businesses to experiment and learn from one another in an exciting environment while honing their concepts to the tastes and desires of their guests. 



  • 14 jobs created (8 permanent, 6 seasonal)

  • 10 temporary construction jobs created

  • 5 new businesses incubated with additional employees

  • Increasing food choice in an area exacerbated by the closure of downtown's only local grocer


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