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A Collaborative Brand Laboratory

We use insights from the world around us to identify that single one thing that your product, service or business stands for. The brand promise must be singular, irrefutable and authentic. It must be based on a set of values and is most powerful when it centers on one ideal. And it is discovered through a process of three simple steps:

The Big Insight
The Big Idea
The Big Promise

Then, our designers and creative artists communicate that promise visually in a way that won't be forgotten in this age of unyielding stimulus and short attention spans. It's carried through every execution and customer touchpoint. 

We specialize in brand strategy and development, logo design and creating brand guidelines that help each business we work with build something to believe in. 

Selected Work

the big insight

Today's unrelenting bombardment of information has left us more nostalgic than ever for slowing down and appreciating where we've come from.     

the big idea

Pay tribute to the heroes of postal past and repurpose a former post office, left vacant as technology has made old processes obsolete.

the big promise

Carrier Brewing Company is brewed for the rust belt. Truly America's craft beverage, proudly delivered. 

Strategy and naming by Dave Yanko

Creative by Molly Hoye Yanko, CINSYR Creative

the big insight

Vintage and modern can live in harmony when old is made new with the use of materials of the past. 

the big idea

Rebuild the 1920 home of a two-time US Congressman and amplify its presence as a vacation rental in the small coastal resort town twice voted #1 in the US.

the big promise

Give visitors to historic downtown Sandusky the 'red door treatment.'

Strategy and naming by Dave and Molly Hoye Yanko

Creative by Molly Hoye Yanko